What to Do About Skin Tags and Irritating Moles

In Dermatology by Institute for Skin Advancement

Skin tags and moles are irritating to look at day in and day out. Plus you can’t help but wonder what other people are thinking when they see it marring an otherwise smooth complexion or smooth skin.

The day will come when you will be sick and tired of looking at that skin tag or irritating mole and want some sort of skin tag treatment or mole treatment. What will you do?

Skin Tags Removal the Natural Way

Some people will decide to first start with natural remedies. And there are enough of them out there to choose from – all of course, do not have any medical studies backing them to say they work or don’t work. Here’s a list of some of them:

Natural Treatments for Skin Tags Removal That Take 3-4 Days

1. Aspirin dissolved in water and applied to the skin tags
2. Aloe vera gel applied several times a day
3. Dental floss method – See https://youtu.be/lVglXVe-cJI

Natural Skin Tag Treatments That Take About a Week to 10 Days

1. Onion juice applied to the skin tags daily with cotton ball
2. Paste made with castor oil, baking soda and water
3. Duct tape that cover the skin tags
4. Vitamin E capsule ingredients spread onto skin tags
5. Ginger juice
6. Teatree oil
7. Pineapple juice applied several times during the day

Natural Skin Tag Treatments That Take Longer

1. Apple cider vinegar applied with cotton balls
2. Potato slices applied, covered with a bandage for overnight
3. Lemon juice
4. Banana peel, covered with a bandage for overnight
5. Potato and garlic juice applied and worn all night long, rinsed in the morning

The problem with the natural type of skin tags treatment is that you don’t know if it will indeed work – and if it doesn’t, it leaves you back to square one, wondering what to do. It’s also possible you could cause an infection, and any infections can cause scarring.

The easiest solution is to call your dermatologist, who is skillful in removing skin tags and offers treatments for them. Some skin tags can grow to the size of a fig so you’ll want to catch skin tags when they are small; they’re also easier to treat at this point.

Here’s a video to watch the procedure – you’ll see it’s over and done with in about one minute: https://youtu.be/lVglXVe-cJI

Can you believe how easy that was? All the mental anguish was easily banished in 60 seconds. Call us today at 403-271-3627 and avoid the mental anguish!

Mole Removal by Your Dermatologist is Also Easy

There are three vital mole removal videos that tell the whole story from Dr. Neal Schultz:
1. Explanation of the procedure: https://youtu.be/qmNHbiM3Snw
There’s no pain in the mole removal done at the doctor’s office. Find out the procedure.

2. Discussion of mole treatment if the mole has a hair growing in it: https://youtu.be/2gMKF_X5jTs
This video explains there are two types of moles with hairs. The appropriate type of mole treatment depends on the type of mole – whether the hair is located in the epidermis or in the dermis. Both types may be treated by your dermatologist; the hair will be eventually or immediately removed in both mole treatments.

3. Why removing a hair from a mole should only be done by a trained dermatologist: https://youtu.be/Rq7emto-QgU
This video explains why plucking a hair from a mole is never a good treatment – it can cause an ingrown hair that then becomes inflamed or infected and then leaves a nasty scar.

The reason why natural remedies for moles aren’t successful is often because you want the results of surgery for skin issues without the surgery – but the natural remedies can’t fix the structure of your skin.

It’s always a good idea to let the professionals handle skin care issues. Give us a call today at 403-271-3627 and let’s get your skin tags and moles removed.