Preventing and Treating Sun Damaged Skin: You Can Do It

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Nowadays, there is so much you can do for your skin. And let’s face it – sun damage accumulates in the skin.

Even though you maybe can’t see it, it may be shown with a black light or other special light by a dermatologist. If you’re over the age of 30-35, you most likely have sun damage that needs a little attention.

In the fall and winter, you may start to see pigmentation problems, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity in the skin, dry skin and even skin cancer.

Checklist: Your Daily Habit Influence on Your Skin

Here’s a short checklist of questions for you in regards to your daily skin care routine below. What you do daily makes the biggest impact on how well you’ll be able to maintain your good results.

1. Are you exfoliating your skin at least a few times a week? If the skin cells accumulate, then it makes you look older.
2. Do you wash your face day and night? Grit and grime can accumulate.
3. Do you go o bed with makeup on? If you do, you’re helping pores get clogged.
4. Do you moisturize your face? As you get older, there’s more of a tendency for skin to dry out.
5. Do you have any type of skin rash?

How to Prevent and Treat Sun Damaged Skin

Some of the methods you can use to rejuvenate your skin and take off at least 10 years off your age include:
1. Topical treatment with retinoids to reduce pigmentation, encourage collagen production in the skin and smooth the skin
2. Chemical peels
3. Laser resurfacing
4. Photodynamic treatment
5. IPL (intense pulse light)
6. Vitamin C serum

At least one of them will fit into your budget.

Photodynamic Therapy – The Cadillac of Rejuvenation Methods

Here’s a doctor in Australia discussing the topic of how to treat sun damaged skin with photodynamic therapy:

This is significant because in Australia, the sun rays are the harshest in the world. As he explains, the photodynamic therapy can also prevent skin damage.

Photodynamic therapy utilizes aminolevulinic acid, a naturally-occurring acid in the body, which is spread onto the surface of the skin. It’s then allowed to soak into the skin for up to a few hours before the light therapy shines on the patient’s face.

The light activates the acid, which has soaked into the pre-cancerous or damaged skin cells. The photodynamic therapy does redden the skin for a while, so you’ll have to arrange for some downtime. You will have to stay out of the sunlight for the first few days.

This method is an old-time method that was used in the late 1800s by op doctors of the time. Around 1990, the treatment was brought back into use for rejuvenating the skin. It’s used for both men and women.

What did you think about it? Of course, you’ll have to do more research on it. You can find additional information on how to prevent and treat sun damaged skin discuss this method on other pages of our site.

IPL – Another Method To Prevent and Treat Sun Damage

When you start thinking of what can be done to treat sun damage, many people start out with the simple solutions that don’t cost a lot of money. For example, they start using a vitamin C serum in the morning and a retinoic acid ointment at night. Depending on your sun damage, these two alone may be enough to vastly improve your skin.

At a trip to the doctor’s office, your dermatologist will type your skin according to the Fitzpatrick scale of skin type you have to determine the best treatment for you.
Then he’ll make recommendations for you. For each type of therapy, make sure you ask what the downtime is and how long the effects will last.

Check out this Fox 5 News Report that explains a few different photorejuvenation methods. Here’s the link:

IPL treatment discussed on the video can also do a nice job rejuvenating the skin. It may feel as if a rubber band is hitting the skin but a numbing cream keeps away any pain.

We could go on and on about what to do for sun damaged skin but the most progress you’ll make is to get an opinion from your cosmetic dermatologist. He or she will provide the direction you need for the prevention and treatment of sun damage. With the options given to you, you can then research each of them thoroughly and make a good decision.

Your skin is a clear reflection of who you are. Let the world see you for exactly who you are – without the screen of sun damage.

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