Skin Care Tips For Anti-Aging: Some May Surprise You

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How good can you look when you’re 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 80 years old? Do you think you have to have wrinkles when you are 60? Do you believe that wrinkles define your face?

How much are you willing to do to initiate anti-aging – and when do you think you’ll start making efforts in that direction? Have you already started?

Anti-aging is a lot different now than it was even 10 years ago. There are literally dozens of things you can do to keep your youth and hundreds of skin care tips for anti-aging – and if you look around at all the people you know, you will no doubt find some people who have defied aging. They stared aging right in the face and said, “No! Not me!”

Their quest for staying young led them directly to several answers that they use regularly – and they work.

Skin Care Tips for Anti-Aging From Women Who Defied Aging

Here’s a Steve Harvey Show segment from 2014 that features three women who look decades younger than they really are. That’s right – decades! And if they can do it, so can you! Find out their secrets now:

Wow, those women are nothing short of awesome and inspiring! Did you notice that their secrets are all natural methods to prevent aging?

Skin Care Tips for Anti-Aging from Experts

You can get all the latest Dr. Oz and other scientific study information to prevent anti-aging, but these women who defied aging have already proven that simple methods work just as well as more advanced methods.

Nevertheless, let’s examine some of those skin care tips for anti-aging:

  1. Skin care tips for anti-aging from Dr. Oz:
    • Approach anti-aging by activating the body’s sirtuin levels. Sirtuin tells your body to live longer, and you can modify your levels simply by cutting down the amount of calories you eat daily by 15%. That’s not much since if you eat about 2000 calories a day, it means cutting out a donut and big sugary beverage and you’re activating anti-aging measures.
    • Take resveratrol supplements. They’ve been shown to extend aging and reverse aging effects in the body, according to Dr. Oz and some research studies, too.
    • Consider infrared sauna sessions that detoxify toxins trapped in the body out through the skin. When you have fewer toxins, you look more radiant.
    • Consider hyperbaric oxygen treatments, which are now available to the general public. Some hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers even offer an anti-aging package of treatments. This is a treatment where you breathe in 100% oxygen, which rejuvenates and resets DNA in your body. Your skin looks exceptionally youthful when oxygen is returned to it. However, once the levels fall of oxygen in the body fall low again, aging effects will begin to creep in. This is why some people set up regular monthly hyperbaric oxygen treatments for maintenance.

    To check out Dr. Oz’s tips, see

  2. Skin care tips for anti-aging from Good Housekeeping’s Anti-Aging Awards:

    You might not think of Good Housekeeping Magazine as a beauty magazine, but staff at Good Housekeeping set up an 18-month study of over 800 different beauty products to find 90 top anti-aging products for your skin that really worked.

    They then tested the top 90 products on 820 women over the age of 25, using highly sophisticated anti-aging equipment to measure and monitor the changes in the skin from these products. Their top three products weren’t among the most expensive ones tested; you’ll have to check out the results of their study here:

    Good Housekeeping staff also selected the top anti-aging serums that work and the top instant wrinkle smoothers:


    Wrinkle Smoothers:

    Of course, the extent of the damage repair always depends on the damage to the skin that you’re starting with. If your damage is extensive, always check with your cosmetic dermatologist to see what are the possibilities!

  3. Skin care tips for anti-aging from a Beverly Hills Medical Doctor:

    One Beverly Hills plastic surgeon states that there are two things worse than wrinkles that make you look old before your time: sagging of the lower face and of the neck. Once these are fixed, you can easily take off 20 or more years from the age you appear.

    He also states that skin serums and creams are only half the solution; you have to actually address gravity to life the skin back into its proper place. He sells a product that uses stem cell technology, New Zealand tree ferm, flax, silk and caviar that helps beat the effects of gravity on an aged look of the face and neck.

Here’s one more resource that can help you a lot with skin care tips for anti-aging. It’s a video that explains six anti-aging skincare products every doctor recommends. It briefly explains the role of antioxidants, alpha-hydroxy acids, retin-A, serums and a few more methods that can make a big difference in your skin.

Here’s the video link:

Check with your cosmetic dermatologist for their specific recommendations in these six categories.

Taking care of your skin with these skin care tips for anti-aging never was so much fun until now! Take advantage of them all!

And really do consider the importance of professional guidance during your quest to look younger. Your cosmetic dermatologist could easily have a few skin care tips not even mentioned here!

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