Fraxel Laser: A Non-Invasive Way to Return to Youth

In Dermatology by Andrei Metelitsa, MD

As you age, changes in your skin occur that make you look and feel old. If you’re in your late teens and 20s, acne scars become your Achille’s tendon and you hate them. Sun damage starts to accumulate. Your skin starts to wrinkle and fine lines like crow’s feet and forehead lines deepen. Age spots appear.

All these remind you that you’re not as beautiful as you once were and as you could be – and you often may feel that aging simply isn’t fair! You long for that perfect skin you had before you became a teenager.

Yet, you wonder about the alternatives and would never consider plastic surgery because the risks and the down time don’t fit well into your hectic schedule. Creams, lotions and peels help a little bit but you want something more – something that will make you look younger and something that will last for a much longer time period.

How Fraxel Laser Technology Works

This is where Fraxel laser technology comes into the picture. This relatively new treatment uses light energy to first damage small areas of the skin, resurface the structure and then stimulate the actual healing of the skin.

One effect of the laser is the stimulation of the production of collagen. When your skin’s collagen content increases, the skin plumps up, giving you a more youthful look. Wrinkles smooth out and scars lessen.

Fraxel lasers resurface the skin gently and gradually over time by lasering little microscopic areas that can start to heal on their own. The treatment may be repeated after about 2 to 4 weeks. The effects on the skin last up to a few years.

The Fraxel laser treatment will also address skin laxity, the skin pigmentation of pregnancy and also stretch marks on the abdomen. Even hands can look much more youthful with this method.

Want to Watch a Fraxel Laser Experience or Two?

Check out this Good Morning America video where one of the original Fraxel laser researchers discusses the procedure:

Your doctor may switch out the handpiece in the laser system if you have any of the following conditions: keloids, birthmarks, spider veins, benign growths found on the cheeks or near the eyes, and warts to remove these skin impurities as well. The healing time may be longer with change of technique.

How Effective is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Fraxel technology has already proven itself effective with nearly a million treatments over the last decade. The treatment consists of washing the face first and then applying an anesthetic cream. The laser device slides over the surface of the skin during the treatment. You’ll feel pinprick sensations during the treatment and then cooling sensations as cold air is applied to the skin. Fraxel laser treatments take about 15 minutes.

After the treatment, you’ll feel as if you have a sunburn. Watch the procedure being done on an older 58-year-old woman here by a doctor in Los Angeles:

And check out this Rachel Ray interview as another woman receives the Fraxel laser treatment:

For more advanced cases, your skin will turn bright red temporarily during the first week, but then this fades. You will need to stay home for one week with this procedure.

Your skin cells that are on the surface are dead skin cells that are removed with the Fraxel laser. New skin cells are created in the bottom layers of your skin and pushed up to the top within about 4 weeks. Thus, your results are better as time goes on with the Fraxel laser.

Is Fraxel Laser For Men and Women, Old and Young?

Age is not a deterrent to the treatment. Check out the before and after pictures of younger patients who had acne. The women didn’t feel that they needed makeup most of the time. Click here to watch:

There are some people who should not have Fraxel laser:

  • if you’re on prednisone or dexamethasone
  • if you’re taking isoretinoin or similar drugs for acne
  • If you had surgery and then your skin pigmentation darkened
  • if you have had problems in the past with keloids or excessive scarring
  • if you have any active infections of any kind

Side effects may include the following:

  • prolonged redness in the skin
  • pinpoint hemorrhages in the skin
  • oozing
  • swelling
  • scarring (This is why those who are more susceptible to form keloids are not a candidate for the treatment.)
  • infection, including reactivation of Herpes
  • flare-up of acne

Most of these side effects subside as the new skin comes to the surface.

If you get Fraxel laser treatment, you’ll see fewer skin imperfections and gain soft skin and youth in time – without surgery and without any invasive procedures. You get results that people notice. It’s like having the fresh skin you had when you were a child – so perfect and plump. And you want to look in the mirror again.

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